Public Education

Providing every person in our Commonwealth with the opportunity to obtain an education is fundamental to our collective prosperity. An educated population better equips us to generate economic gains for our communities in the present and solve the complex problems our society will face in the remainder of the 21st century and beyond. Our economy, public safety, and the cost of medical care are among the many facets of daily life that will benefit from students who have the tools to succeed and become productive citizens. The children of this Commonwealth, as well as the adults seeking to advance their careers, are our future, and that future is one in which we must invest in order to achieve the long-term successes we strive to attain.

Health Care

I often think of the words written in our Declaration of Independence - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - and I wonder how a person can live, be free, and be happy if they are burdened by the costs of survival itself. Our healthcare system has many flaws, but the greatest of all is its lack of affordability. There are free market solutions to this problem, but only if we expand the number of people covered by insurance, not reduce it. Being covered by insurance, either public or private, reduces the overall cost for everyone and should be a common goal for all. Only then will we be a society that can live, be free, and enjoy the happiness that comes from being unburdened by crushing medical costs and insurance premiums.

Fixing Our Economy

Fixing our economy starts at home and hoping that jobs come to our district simply isn’t enough. As your representative I will propose legislation that allows local governments to have more freedom over their economies and help out the small business owners who are the driving force behind economic recovery. I also believe that maintaining constant contact with mayors, county judge executives, magistrates, city council members, and school boards of education in order to better understand the needs of our communities, is necessary for the economic growth we want to achieve.

Pension Reform

The threat to public pensions is real. Not only is there a lack of funding due to decades of negligence by the state legislature, but the entire structure of public pensions is under attack by special interests whose agendas don’t align with the values we share as Kentuckians. Ensuring that our first responders, teachers, and all public servants receive the well-funded pension they were promised when they signed their contract should be the first priority of any legislation that seeks to address the pension crisis. The solution will not be easy and it won’t please everyone, but I am committed to upholding the promise that was made to our state employees, particularly those who do not have the benefit of receiving Social Security benefits.